Are you tired of ordinary travels?

Do you want to challenge yourself and experience living on the edge?

The world's only Premium Tour to the Russian nature birthplace – Altai Mountains!

Fifteen days, which
you'll desire to depict
in your autobiography.


The Altai Mountains

is a drug. Without trying, you live a slow-paced life, and after visiting
this place - you can't imagine the existence without the crazy energy of the mountains.

This is a unique high-quality offer for tourists.

Mauritius, the Maldives, United Arab Emirates, Seychelles?
No! We offer something
completely new.

01 / 03

Fishing on the beautiful lake ranked as a UNESCO world heritage site.

02 / 03

Picturesque gorges and bluff bays of the sixth deepest lake in Russia.

03 / 03

Pristine wilderness and legendary route of the 3rd difficulty level without the loss of comfort.

The Altai Mountains is a doubtless place of power, and that says it all.
The one who came here once – comes back again. A rare place on the Earth can compete
with it in natural resources, amazing landscapes and purity.

Find out how your business partner behaves in a critical situation.

Get useful contacts with successful people from different parts of Russia and the world.

Relax and slow down for a while, putting aside the everyday race for achievements. Live "here and now", feel like a teenager in a summer camp again. This is only a part of everything you'll experience in these 15 days.

The most difficult planned and, at the same time, the USSR iconic walking route through the Altai Mountains. The route about which the songs were written. It was open for 33 years and closed only with the beginning of Perestroika.

Taiga, steppe, mountain tundra and Alpine
Meadows, altitude difference from 350 to 4500 meters
above sea level - all of this are the Altai Mountains.

Just imagine: in the wilderness, on the path, you can meet a bear, maral
or red book snow leopard.

01 / 06

Irbis (snow leopard)
Wide paws, long tail, very long hair. Adapted to traveling on snow. It lives at an altitude up to 6000 meters. Listed in the Red Book

02 / 06

A small predator, very strong for its size. Moves by jumping. Sable fur is valuable in the fur trade.

03 / 06

Moose (in Altai it's called "bulan")
A giant with cold arms in the form of horns. It weighs up to 600 kg., reaches a length of up to 3 meters.

04 / 06

The master of the taiga. Single mother Inquisitive and resourceful beast. In nature, it lives to 40-45 years.

05 / 06

Musk deer
A cloven-footed animal with a kangaroo head and a saber-toothed tiger's fangs. Prey for the snow leopard and bear. While escaping from predators it can jump on a 10*15 cm ground.

06 / 06

Maral (altai red deer)
The second in size after the moose. A strong animal with powerful horns. The weight reaches up to 400 kg.

There are almost no people on the Route, so animals are often found on the way.

The author's Tour takes place only once a year
in a comfortable weather corridor from late July to
mid-August. The cost of participation – 360 000 rubles.

Mountains, evenings by the fire and nights in tents. This is a new trend for original outdoor activities fans.

But once you think about the long transfer in a huge bus or an old UAZ, a forty-kilogram backpack behind your back throughout the route, the dry ration consisted of porridge and tinned meat, firewood, which won't be collect themselves. And here the brain is humbly planning another tour to the Maldives.


The best
hotels in Altai

Accommodation 1 day before and 1 day after in the most expensive hotels in Gorny Altai. (Many people come to Altai only to get to these hotels! The summer season has been booked since October. (Full exclusive of our company). Personal transfer from Gorno-Altaysk airport


and service

Comfort and service even in the wild. No backpacks, only fresh ECO products, a personal chef, photographer, horses, professional entertainer and one of the best guides of the Altai Krai. Transfer by real military helicopter.


No communication with the outside world

Fifteen days in the wild. No calls, messengers, traffic jams and social media. Twelve days without obligations. Just you, nature, and ten similar weirdos. Guaranteed travel insights and full personality renewal.


Successful network

The inner circle consisted of Russia's and the world's wealthy and successful people. New people and useful contacts. The walking tour includes the team building elements paving the way for further cooperation in real life.

The 77th All-Union Tourist Route

The first destination is a small airport in Gorno-Altaysk. The only city and also is the capital of the Altai Republic. It's surrounded on all sides with low mountain peaks. The intimacy and comfort of this place give the impression that it's a birthplace of all nature. This city doesn't inherent with the metropolitan pace. This is where our journey begins.

We'll meet you at the airport, take care of your luggage and arrange a transfer to a comfortable hotel. Hotels of this type are very rare, the bulk of hotels in Altai – camp sites and hostels for unpretentious tourists.

To make a two-hour journey pleasant and comfortable, we use premium cars. Mercedes and Jaguar cars are in our fleet. Eco-hotel Klever Resort & Spa is located in a picturesque place on the Katun riversides.

Single and double spacious rooms, SPA-center, lunch in the restaurant – will help to relax and rejuvenate after the flight. It's especially pleasant to make use of these services before a full 15-day trip out of civilization and immersion in extreme conditions.

It was the 1st of 15 days
of the 77 All-Union Tourist Route

Closing fears
or answers to the most popular questions!

How to find the path on which the route is situated?

The legendary route 77, was considered out of reach for a long due to the complicated logistics, equipment and provisions. Tourists used to spend 18 days only on moving along the route. The foot part took 14 days, and before now tourists moved on foot carrying provisions, equipment and personal belongings, literally, on themselves. The rest of the time was spent on rafting and driving. Tourists were incommoded by all of these to connect with the most protected and untouched corners of the Altai.

Why it costs 360 000 rubles and what is included in this sum?

Comfort in extreme conditions is expensive. And it isn't a greedy organizer's whim.

Our tour is unique.

We don't sell mass tours with a large number of tourists – it's simply impossible in this rest format.

Our tour is aimed at providing the most possible comfortable conditions.

This is a rest format for people who understand the value of immersion in the environment and, at the same time, can afford not to save on the immersion organization.

This is a rest for people who want to spend time in one of the most beautiful places on the Earth, surrounded by the same successful people.

People understanding the value of new contacts and reliable relationships.

People who are aware of how much your company influences on yourself.

Knowing time and comfort value.

10 participants of the tour share:

- 7 service employees;

- 16 vehicles;

- 5 units of horse convoy;

- half a ton of equipment and provisions;

- 200 kilometers of mountain paths and an endless sense of FREEDOM.

This is an adventure for those who are used to challenge themselves and enjoy the victories achieved with hard work.

We promise it'll be extreme. We promise that it'll be very interesting, sometimes difficult, but no less exciting.

We promise that we'll do our best to provide you with excellent rest. But your success will depend on your personal qualities and aspirations.

We promise that when the route is finished, each of you will be proud of what he or she had to get over. This adventure will open your eyes to YOUR own potential.

We promise that after the tour, each of you will say "I can do MORE than I thought. I can do anything!»

The tour program includes everything except air travel from your city.

I can't live out of touch for 15 days, but I want to visit the mountains of Altai. What to do?

We'll provide you with a satellite phone in case of emergency. But the main idea is to lose yourself in the magical nature of Altai without any connection with the outside world. To do this, in some areas we have even installed special jammers so that no one and nothing could distract you from the lost world freedom.

Do I need special training and what are the precautions?

We'll send you a training plan and monitor your progress during the training period. This route is hard to call pleasure trip, as at every step you face difficult mountain passes, wild animals, cliffs, the vagaries of weather and other hazards. But we'll do everything to ensure your safety.

Our partners

Luxury transfer:

The two-hour flight in a military helicopter

Through one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes of Russia